Teaching Your Dog To Sit

Just as important as teaching your dog to come back to you, teaching your dog to sit is an essential skill for your dog to know. Here is how to teach your dog to sit:

Training treats
Make sure that before you start you have some small treats that your pooch really enjoys. These will be very necessary for your training.

Get your dog’s attention
Call your dog’s name and make sure that he has your full attention. Make sure that he is near you and looking right at you before continuing.

Command and treat
Tell your dog the command “sit” and if you want, to bolster the command, point your finger at the ground. As soon as he plants his rump, give him the treat and some praise.

Final thoughts
Repeat as necessary but don’t overdo it, otherwise your dog will get complacent and plump awfully fast. Also, never try to train your dog when he is tired because he will not respond the way you expect.