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  • John Deere® 35G Mini Excavator

    Manufacturer: John Deere Model: 35G

    Zero-tail-swing design make this compact extra maneuverable and plenty productive in places with tight spaces. Rubber tracks traverse virtually any terrain, including paved surfaces. Steel tracks and steel tracks with rubber pads are also available. Go from backhoe- to excavator-style controls with just a twist of your wrist. Control pattern selector valve is conveniently located in a compartment beneath the seat. No operator activation required for high-speed travel. Track speeds automatically slow to low whenever the travel motors encounter a heavier load. Includes a console-mounted, low-speed lock switch.

  • Case® SR210 Skid-Steer Loader 

    Manufacturer: Case Model: SR210

    The rugged CASE SR210 skid steer receives a boost thanks to the maintenance free CEGR Tier 4 Final solution. This new, medium-framed model offers class-leading breakout force, increased torque, increased standard and high auxiliary flow, and an EZ-EH upgrade while still offering a nearly 3 ft wide cab. The radial-lift design on the SR210 makes it easy to dig, pry, or push your heaviest loads. 

  • Bobcat® S570 Skid-Steer Loader 

    Manufacturer: Bobcat Model: S570

    The vertical lift Bobcat® S570 skid-steer loader is ideal for clearing high-sided truck boxes and hoppers or placing pallets loaded with heavy materials. The S570 is powered by a Tier 4 diesel engine.

  • Groomer's Salon Select White Coat Shampoo

    Manufacturer: SynergyLabs

    Groomer’s Salon Select White Coat Shampoo was scientifically formulated specifically for white dogs, cats and horses. This gentle, yet effective formula contains no bleach or peroxide – so it’s gentle for pet’s sensitive skin. This professional grooming formula safely removes yellow from white coats, brightens white coats, and removes stains with repeated use. 

  • No-Bite™ IGR Fogger 3-Pack

    Manufacturer: Durvet Animal Health Care

    IGR No-Bite™ House Fogger 3 Pack provides effective long-term control and prevents reinfestation for 7 months. Kills adult and preadult fleas including flea eggs, cockroaches, spiders, ants, flies, mosquitoes, gnats, millipedes, lice, boxelder bugs, flying moths, hornets, carpenter bees, wasps, midges, silverfish, yellow-jackets, and ticks, including brown dog ticks and Gulf Coast ticks. Also kills deer ticks and other ixodid species that may carry and transmit Lyme Disease.

  • Sunseed Vita Prima Sunscription Exotics Sugar Glider Formula

    Sugar Gliders are unique and exotic animals that require a specialized diet that is high in protein.  The Vita Exotics Sugar Glider Formula is a pelleted diet that is 25% protein that contains a wide variety of ingredients such as various meats and fish, vegetables and fruit juices. This diet is specially fortified with vitamins and minerals and contains flax meal, honey, garden vegetables and a variety of fruit juices like mango, kiwi, cherry, apple and apricot.  

  • TetraMin® Tropical Crisps

    Manufacturer: Tetra
    TetraMin Crisps take the guesswork out of feeding your fish. Simply feed one Crisp per lateral inch of fish in your aquarium. When you do, your fish will be enjoying the ultimate in nutrition. These highly digestible TetraMin Crisps generate as much as 35% less waste than competing flake foods.
    Concentrated nutrition for up to 35% less waste
    Pre-dosed crisps for easy feeding
    Provide maximum nutrition
    Super premium Crisps food technology provides maximum nutrition - healthy, easily digestible protein, vitamins and carbohydrates that bring out the best appearance in your fish. This unique food innovation offers unparalleled benefits in terms of reduced waste, improved tank clarity, feeding convenience and fish appearance and acceptance.
  • TetraColor® Tropical Flakes

    Manufacturer: Tetra
    TetraColor Tropical Flakes (formerly TetraRuby) is a highly nutritious diet that helps promote the development of vibrant colors of tropical fish. Contains no anabolic steroids or artificial enhancers and will not cloud the water when used as directed.
    TetraColor Tropical Flakes for freshwater fish
    Natural Color Enhancer is nutritionally balanced, color-enhancing diet
    Clean & Clear water formula will not cloud aquarium water
    TetraColor Flakes promote beautiful color in all tropical fish, and can be fed daily, alternating with Spirulina foods and treats. Vitamin C enriched.
  • Neutral Regulator®

    Manufacturer: Seachem

    Neutral Regulator® adjusts pH to neutral (pH 7.0) from either a low or high pH and maintains it there. It softens water by precipitating calcium and magnesium while removing any chlorine, chloramine, and detoxifying ammonia. The use of Neutral Regulator® makes other conditioning unnecessary. To lower pH below 7.0 use Neutral Regulator® with Acid Regulator™ (or Discus Buffer®). To raise pH above 7.0 use with Alkaline Regulator™. All of these products will enhance and stabilize the freshwater aquarium environment. For further freshwater environment enhancement, use Fresh Trace™ to restore the proper level of trace elements and feed NutriDiet® Tropical Flakes for thriving, healthy freshwater community fish.

  • Tetra ReptoMin® Baby Floating Food Sticks

    Manufacturer: Tetra
    Tetra ReptoMin Baby Sticks are a nutritious, calcium and Vitamin C fortified diet for small aquatic turtles, newts and frogs. ReptoMin Baby sticks are smaller and a bit softer than regular ReptoMin. High in nutritional content to aid proper development. Pet Mountain is proud to offer discount bulk pet products.
    Calcium and Vitamin C fortified mini floating food sticks
    Small and soft for easy eating
    Supports shell or bone development
  • Petmate® Replendish Waterer W/Microban

    Manufacturer: Petmate Pet Care Solutions

    Petmate Replendish Waterers with Microban provide a continuous flow of filtered water so busy pet parents have fewer refills to make. This waterer is ideal for short stays away from home. Bases feature Microban Antimicrobial Protection that helps prevent the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria. This protection provides an additional level of defense against damaging microbes.

  • Petmate® Replendish Feeder W/Microban

    Petmate Replendish Feeders with Microban provide a continuous flow of top load food so busy pet parents have fewer refills to make. This feeder is ideal for short stays away from home. Bases feature Microban Antimicrobial Protection that helps prevent the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria. This protection provides an additional level of defense against damaging microbes.

  • Midwest Quiet Time Pet Beds

    Manufacturer: Midwest Pet Products

    With our selection of Quiet Time Pet Beds we are sure that you will find a bed to suit your needs. These beds are suitable for any purpose and are designed to fit into a Midwest Dog Crate. We offer a variety of sizes in either Natural Fleece, Cinnamon, or Plush Gray color.
    Great Looking, Long Lasting Comfort for Your Pet
    Our quiet time beds are designed to provide a comfortable, long lasting, great looking bed for your dog.

  • Petmate® Litter Scoop

    Manufacturer: Petmate Pet Care Solutions

    Made with environment friendly recycled plastic
    Microban anti-microbial make this litter scoop stain & odor resistant
    Extra wide mouth and large slits for easy sifting

  • Petmate® Drawstring Hi-Back Litter Pan Liners

    Manufacturer: Petmate Pet Care Solutions

    Makes cleanup a snap. Line the box with a new liner, and when it’s time to change the litter, simply pull the drawstring closed and dispose.

  • PetAg® KMR Kitten Milk Replacer - Liquid

    Manufacturer: PetAg
    Pet Ag KMR Liquid Milk Replacer for Kittens is a complete food source for orphaned or rejected kittens or those nursing, but needing supplemental feeding. KMR is also recommended for growing kittens or adult cats that are stressed and require a source of highly digestible nutrients.
    Liquid food supplement for cats
    Great for kittens newborn to 6 weeks of age
    Natural formula with vitamins, minerals & trace nutrients
    KMR is a complete diet for kittens, fortified with vitamins and minerals. KMR's life saving formula closely matches queen's milk in protein and energy and also contains taurine. Available in ready-to-feed liquid formula.
  • PetAg® KMR Kitten Milk Replacer - Powder

    Manufacturer: PetAg
    Pet Ag KMR (milk replacer powder for kittens) can be used as a partial or total replacement when mother's milk is inadequate, and can also be given to the mother during the last two weeks of gestation or early lactation for an additional nutritional source.
    Food supplement for cats
    Great for kittens newborn to 6 weeks of age
    Natural formula with vitamins, minerals & trace nutrients
    Contains L-arginine to prevent cataracts in newborns; powdered form mixes with water. KMR may be used to rehabilitate wildlife and simulates mother's milk for rabbits, porcupines, & bobcats. KMR now includes prebiotics and probitiocs for enhanced digestion.
  • Rabbit Feeder with Screen

    Manufacturer: Petmate Pet Care Solutions

    Fill from outside of cage
    Screen allows fines from feed to fall through

  • Mixed Fruit Treat for Small Pets & Birds

    Manufacturer: Thomas Moore Feed

    For small animals and domestic birds
    Natural rich in antioxidants
    Great for use as a training aid
    No added colors, flavors or preservatives

  • Alfalfa Hay

    Manufacturer: Thomas Moore Feed

    For Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas
    Convenient 2 pound bag
    Easy to use

  • Bunny Cuisine

    Manufacturer: Thomas Moore Feed

    Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids support rabbit’s heart, brain and visual functions
    Timothy hay-based pellet rich in fiber with the right balance of calcium and protein
    Wholesome blend of seeds, grains, fruits, & vegetables for your rabbit’s overall health and immune support

  • Mazuri® Koi Platinum Bits

    Manufacturer: Mazuri Exotic Pet Food

    A floating diet designed for koi in ponds, tanks and aquariums. Mazuri Koi Platinum diets are formulated to provide complete nutrition in one product. Special ingredients have been added to provide pigmentation.

  • Mazuri® Timothy-Based Guinea Pig Diet

    Manufacturer: Mazuri Exotic Pet Food

    Mazuri® Timothy-Based Guinea Pig Diet is a complete Timothy hay-based diet formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of guinea pigs during all life stages.

  • Mazuri®Tortoise LS Diet

    Mazuri® Tortoise LS Diet is a high fiber diet designed for dry land herbivorous tortoises such as gopher, sulcata and Galapagos tortoises. This diet may be used with other herbivorous reptiles as well.

  • Mazuri® Chinchilla Diet

    Manufacturer: Mazuri Exotic Pet Food

    Nutritionally complete - No supplementation required.
    Contains multiple fiber sources, including Timothy hay.
    Contains flaxseed - Great Omega-3 Fatty Acid source.
    Contains live probiotics - Lactobacillus and Enterococcus sp. for gastrointestinal health.
    Sweet smell - Highly palatable.
    Contains natural vitamin E and stabilized vitamin C.