• Groomer's Salon Select White Coat Shampoo

    Manufacturer: SynergyLabs

    Groomer’s Salon Select White Coat Shampoo was scientifically formulated specifically for white dogs, cats and horses. This gentle, yet effective formula contains no bleach or peroxide – so it’s gentle for pet’s sensitive skin. This professional grooming formula safely removes yellow from white coats, brightens white coats, and removes stains with repeated use. 

  • Four Paws® Ear Wash for Dogs and Cats

    Manufacturer: Four Paws

    Four Paws® Ear Wash helps relieve itching and keeps pet’s ears clean. Used by veterinarians and groomers to remove odor causing ear wax.

  • Safari® Dog Soft Slicker Brush

    Manufacturer: Coastal Pet Products

    Featuring stainless steel pins, our Safari Dog Soft Slicker Brush gently removes mats, tangles and loose hair. With regular use, these high-quality slicker brushes will also reduce shedding for a healthy coat and home. The non-slip grip makes grooming easy.
    ŽRegular grooming of your dog's coat will keep it clean and healthy, and time spent grooming increases the bond between you and your dog.

  • Four Paws® Magic Coat™ Love Glove®

    Manufacturer: Four Paws

    Four Paws Magic Coat Love Glove features soft flexible rubber tips that gently lift dirt, dust and dead hair from your pet's coat while stimulating and massaging skin. Also lifts hair from furniture, fabrics and carpets. Fits any hand size.

  • Safari® Pin and Bristle Combo Dog Brush

    Manufacturer: Coastal Pet Products

    Our dual purpose Safari Pin and Bristle Combo Dog Brush features the benefits of both wire pins to lift out loose hair and debris and bristles to distribute the dog's natural oils throughout the coat.
    ŽFor coats with mats or tangles, use a comb or rake to detangle the hair prior to brushing. Starting at the head, move toward the tail, then down the legs using long strokes that follow the direction of hair growth. The pin brush can also be used to fluff the coat by brushing against the direction of hair growth.

  • Large Long Hair Dog DeShedding Tool

    For long hair dogs 51-90 lbs
    4" deShedding edge designed for coats longer than 2 inches
    Reduces loose hair from shedding up to 90% on regularly groomed dogs
    Stainless steel deShedding edge reaches deep beneath your dog's long topcoat to gently remove undercoat and loose hair
    Used and loved by professional groomers
    FURejector® button cleans and removes loose hair from the tool with ease
    Designed by a groomer for professional results
    These products may be covered by one or more patents.

  • Safari® Dog Flea Combs

    Manufacturer: Coastal Pet Products

    Double sided flea comb is specially designed for dogs
    One can use this comb to find and remove fleas
    It can also be used to identify skin and coat problems
    Before using, groom dog with comb or brush to remove mats and tangles that could damage the teeth of the flea comb
    If needed, apply flea treatment before combing

  • Safari® Professional Dog Nail Trimmer

    Manufacturer: Coastal Pet Products

    Our Safari Professional Stainless Steel Dog Nail Trimmers are made from the finest quality stainless steel to give a long-lasting, sharp cutting edge. Nail trimming should be a regular part of your dog's grooming. It is important to your pet's well-being to keep the nails properly trimmed.
    ŽBe sure to accustom your dog to having its nails trimmed at an early age to make the experience an enjoyable one and increase the bond between you and you dog. It is important to your dog's well-being to keep the nails properly trimmed.

  • Safari® Guillotine Dog Nail Trimmer

    Manufacturer: Coastal Pet Products

    Our Safari Guillotine Dog Nail Trimmers are made from the finest quality stainless steel with a long-lasting, sharp cutting edge. The double-bladed guillotine trimmer is perfect for left or right hand use. Holding the paw firmly, trip the tip of the nail with a single stroke. Be careful to stop short of the quick, the blood vessel inside the nail. If the dog's nails are very long, trim a small amount. Repeat every 7-10 days until nails are at desired length. Monthly trimming should be sufficient thereafter.
    ŽBe sure to accustom your dog to having its nails trimmed at an early age to make the experience an enjoyable one and increase the bond between you and you dog. It is important to your dog's well-being to keep the nails properly trimmed.

  • JW Pet Grip Soft Nail Scissors

    Manufacturer: JW Pet Products

    JW Pet Grip Soft Small Nail Clipper is an extra small clipper designed for use on small breeds of dog, birds, cats and reptiles. This versatile clipper is safe and easy to use with it's non-slip grip soft handle.

  • Magic Coat® Nail Clipper

    Manufacturer: Four Paws

    Magic Coat® Nail Clipper is made with stainless steel blades made for easy, safe and painless trimming. The clipper is Ideal for small dogs and cats.

  • Cardinal Gold Medal Pets® Flea & Tick Shampoo

    Manufacturer: Gold Medal Products Co.
    An insecticidal aid that is highly effective elminating fleas, ticks, and lice while at the same time adding shine and luster.
        Pyrethrins are natural insecticides produced by certain species of the chrysanthemum plant.
        Pyrethrins are fast acting and extremely effective against cold blooded insects such as fleas and ticks.
        Piperenol Butoxide is a synergist to the pyrethrin for additional effectiveness of this shampoo.
        This shampoo will not leave a residual insecticide on the skin or coat after the animal is bathed.
        Product safe for use on puppies 6 weeks and older.
        Recommended Dog Breeds: Terriers, Spaniels, Shih Tzu, Schnauzer, Shar Pei, Lhasa Apso.
        Recommended Cat Breeds: Tiffany, Persian and Himalayan.
  • TropiClean Tangle Remover

    Manufacturer: TropiClean Natural Pet Products

    TropiClean Tangle Remover repels dirt, adds shine and makes brushing a breeze. This ready to use, no-rinse formula quickly penetrates mats and tangles to gently remove knots, reducing brushing time by up to 50%, allowing more time for snuggles. Our new formula delivers a revolutionary way to remove mats, tangles, undercoat, and loose hair from your pet’s coat.  Use the Tangle Remover to cut your brushing time in half, while reviving damaged coats, restoring elasticity and leaving hair with a healthy shine. No Rinse. Brushing Made Easy.

  • Four Paws® Cologne

    Manufacturer: Four Paws

    For the pet that has everything, Four Paws® Cologne is an exciting spray-on fragrance that lasts for up to 24 hours.

  • Four Paws® Cologne

    Manufacturer: Four Paws

    This crisp, refreshing fragrance can be used as often as necessary to deodorize the pet’s coat.

  • Magic Coat® Fresh Essence® Cologne Long Lasting

    Manufacturer: Four Paws

     Magic Coat grooming solutions feature an easy-to-use color-coded system to help owners select the best products for pet coat and grooming needs
    Cologne leaves skin with a long-lasting, refreshingly pleasant fragrance
    Completely deodorizes coat, leaving pet fresh between baths

  • Earthbath®Lavender Spritz

    Manufacturer: Earthbath Natural Pet Care

    Want odor relief, coat & skin conditioning in a jiffy? No time for a bath? Our Deodorizing Spritz is the simple, scent-ual solution. earthbath’s premium Spritz naturally eliminates pet odor between baths, re-moisturizes skin and coat, & imparts a healthy shine and supple softness – without leaving oily residue. Sumptuous lavender essence deodorizes, while meadowfoam seed oil, colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera and vitamin E help to condition, rehydrate & soothe skin while creating show quality shines – between baths. It’s heavenly scented™ with natural essences that match our most popular shampoos. Safe for dogs over 6 weeks old. Not for use on cats.

  • ShowSheen® Detangler & Conditioner

    Manufacturer: W.F. Young

    Fortified with pro-vitamins and silk proteins to nourish your dog’s coat
    Enhanced with the calming fragrance of jasmine and soothing sandalwood
    Helps repel dust and dirt to keep pets clean in between grooming/bathing
    Fast-drying formula

  • ShowSheen® Stain Remover & Whitener

    Manufacturer: W.F. Young

    Removes stains and spots, including grass stains
    With Oxi-Eraser® stain lifters
    Contains panthenol, green tea, and natural fruit extracts to nourish the coat
    Fast acting, pH balanced
    Color-safe and bleach-free

  • ShowSheen® Bath in a Bottle®

    Manufacturer: W.F. Young

    Waterless shampoo
    Ready to use—no water or rinsing required
    Cleans, conditions, deodorizes, and detangles
    Instant spot remover
    Enhanced with vitamin E for a shiny, healthy coat

  • Bio-Groom® Waterless Bath™ No Rinse Shampoo

    This easy to use shampoo requires NO wetting or rinsing. It is enhanced with optical brighteners, and it highlights all natural colors adding intense luster to the coat. It cleans gently, removes stains, and is especially valuable for those last minute touch-ups because it will not change the coat appearance. A few of many helpful uses include; during bad weather, between bathings, to spot clean and deodorize, caring for puppies and kittens, after surgery, soiling mishaps, old or sick pets. Anytime bathing is not convenient, just apply and wipe dry. It is tearless, and has no alcohol. Excellent for cats. pH balanced.

  • Happy Jack® Itch No More Shampoo

    Stamp Out “Itchamacallits” with our improved Itch No More formula. Itch No More Shampoo provides relief for flea bites and other non-specific skin irritations. It deodorizes and stops itching, scratching, and gnawing with the first application. Itch No More is excellent for generalized or localized skin conditions such as moist or dry patches of skin, and in the control of scaling and odor. Also excellent in helping to reduce irritation and scratching caused by flea bites. Itch No More contains soothing refined coal tar and sulfur, with coat conditioners, is pH adjusted, and will not stain light-coated animals.

  • AvoDerm Natural® Skin & Coat Formula Dog & Cat Conditioner

    Manufacturer: Central Garden & Pet

    AvoDerm Skin & Coat Conditioner for dogs and cats is a natural conditioning agent with avocado oil and other natural botanicals. AvoDerm removes tangles and adds fullness to your pet’s coat. Leaves coats soft and shiny.

  • AvoDerm Natural® Puppy Formula Shampoo

    Manufacturer: Central Garden & Pet

    AvoDerm Natural was created when a chance encounter with a local farmer produced the idea of combining healthy dog food with the avocado super fruit. The result is history as thousands of pet parents have marveled at the difference AvoDerm Natural has made with their pets. AvoDerm Natural Puppy Shampoo is a gentle and tearless shampoo with aloe vera. This formula is hypoallergenic with a light fragrance.

  • Earthbath® Ultra Mild Puppy Shampoo

    Manufacturer: Earthbath Natural Pet Care

    Precious puppies deserve tender loving care, so earthbath® crafted this ultra-mild shampoo just for your frisky young pup. Naturally tearless and pH-balanced for puppies’ sensitive skin, this luxurious shampoo contains only nature’s finest blend of natural cleansers, organic aloe vera and a dash of baby-fresh, cherry essence. This shampoo will create a brilliant, show quality shine, rinse thoroughly and leave your pup smelling and feeling better than ever before. Will not wash off topical flea applications. Safe for all animals over 6 weeks.