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  • ORTHO® Weed B Gon Max for Southern Lawns

    Manufacturer: Ortho

    Kills dandelions, clover and other broadleaf weeds
    Won't harm the lawn - guaranteed when used as directed
    Kills 250+ listed weeds (see label for listed weeds)
    Results in hours
    Kills weeds to the root

  • MAIZE® Weed Preventer

    Corn Gluten, an all natural way to prevent weeds from growing. Works on annual and perennial weeds. Works on grassy and broadleaf weeds. Works in lawns, around trees, shrubs, ornamentals, flowers and even vegetable gardens. Great for spring and fall applications. This Convenient liquid formulation makes those big messy containers of corn gluten meal obsolete. 1 Qt. treats 1000 sq.ft.

  • Sevin® Ready-To-Use

    Manufacturer: Sevin

    Kills over 100 insect pests
    Easy to apply
    For use on fruits, trees, vegetable gardens, ornamentals, shrubs, roses, and flowers
    Focus on the garden. We’ve got the bugs.
    When unwanted bugs invade your garden, you need simple control you can count on. Stopping pests and their damage doesn't get easier. Shake the spray bottle, and it's ready to go. Sevin® Ready-to-Use kills and control pests on flowers, ornamentals, fruits and vegetables. Take control over insect pests, and get back to bountiful harvests and garden fun.

  • Sevin® Ready-To-Spray Bug Killer

    Manufacturer: Sevin

    Kills over 100 listed insects on vegetables, fruits and ornamentals
    Shake well and spray!
    Kills Japanese beetles
    Focus on the garden. We’ve got the bugs.
    When unwanted bugs threaten your garden fun, turn to simple control you can trust. Sevin® Ready-To-Spray Bug Killer kills and controls insects around the perimeter of your home and on ornamentals, flowers, vegetables and fruits. Connect a garden hose to the concentrate's container for automatic measuring and mixing, minus the mess. Pests are controlled and you can enjoy your garden at its best.

  • Sevin® Concentrate Bug Killer

    Manufacturer: Sevin

    Kills over 100 insect pests
    For use on vegetables, fruits and ornamentals
    Kills Japanese beetles
    A little goes a long way. Like, a really long way.
    When insect pests call for full-scale response, you need a straightforward solution you can trust. Our easy-to-use measuring cap makes it simple to measure just the right amount of concentrate. Pour it into a sprayer, add water, and you're set. Sevin® Concentrate Bug Killer kills and controls unwanted bugs in ornamental and edible gardens, and handles nuisance insects around your home's perimeter.


    This ready-to-spray product kills over 500 insects fast, so you can confidently reclaim your outdoor space. It’s easy to use – simply attach your hose and the liquid mixes automatically as you spray. The unique formula kills on contact, providing same day control, and it keeps working for up to 3 months.
    Works in minutes and lasts up to 3 months
    Use on lawns, vegetable and flower gardens, trees, shrubs and more
  • Florel® Brand Growth Regulator

    Prevents nuisance fruit on ornamental trees and shrubs
    Removes mistletoe from ornamental conifers and decidous trees
    Use in production of cantaloupe, cucumber, pumpkin and squash hybrid seed
    Induces flowering of ornamental bromeliads
    Reduces plant height of potted daffodils and stem topple of potted hyacinths
    Increases lateral branching in ornamentals
  • Medina® Plus

    A few years after we developed the original Medina Soil Activator, our customers suggested we add other ingredients to the old formula. We never gave up the original product, but we did introduce Medina Plus. It’s fortified with essential micronutrients and growth hormones from seaweed extract. You still get all of the natural soil building advantages, while extra ingredients make it an excellent foliar feed for plants, trees, shrubs and lawns. We also recommend it for transplanting and compost piles. A combination of Medina Soil Activator plus over 40 trace elements, cytokinin (natural growth hormones from seaweed extract), magnesium, iron, zinc, PABA (para-aminobenzoic) acid, riboflavin, thiamin, biotin, nicotinic acid and all essential trace elements. It is ideal for foliar application to fruit trees and vegetables. Provides all the benefits of Medina Soil Activator plus:
    -Increases blooming and leaf growth
    -Promotes fruit set
    -Recommended for transplanting

  • Big Bloom® Liquid Plant Food

    Manufacturer: FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer Company

    Our special, micro-brewed formula incorporates earthworm castings, bat guano and other high test organic ingredients that offer a full range of nutrients. Norwegian kelp improves nutrient uptake and increases yields. Rock phosphate helps transfer energy from one part of the plant to another, which means bigger buds and more fragrant flowers.
    Garden tip: Big Bloom® is ideal for all flowering and fruiting plants, and it’s safe enough to use every time you water. You’ll enjoy healthy, vigorous flowers and dramatically improved fruit and vegetable flavors.
    Best of all, Big Bloom® will intensify flower fragrance, and it will increase essential oil production, which means stronger flavors in herbs, fruits, and vegetables. And when a plant is struggling, a root drench of Big Bloom® will help to perk things up.
    For bumper crops and prize-winning blooms, try our Liquid Nutrient Trio Formulas for use in soil and hydroponic systems.

  • Grow Big® Liquid Plant Food

    Manufacturer: FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer Company

    Get your garden going with Grow Big®, our fast-acting, water-soluble fertilizer for lush, vegetative, compact growth. Use Grow Big® early in the season when young plants need an extra boost. We add earthworm castings and Norwegian kelp into this special brew to encourage sturdier, healthier stems and leaves, but we also provide enough nutrients and trace minerals to create the kind of healthy branching that you’ll need later in the season for more abundant buds and blooms.
    Garden Tip: Allow new plantings a few days to settle in, then begin using at the rate of two teaspoons per gallon of water every other time you water. You can also use Grow Big® as a foliar feeding, applying to both sides of leaves, preferably early in the morning. At the first sign of flowering, switch to Big Bloom® Liquid Plant Food. For more ideas, check out our complete Feeding Schedules here.

  • RED LAKE EARTH® Diatomaceous Earth

    Red Lake Earth is a unique blend of Diatomaceous Earth and Calcium Montmorillonite. RLE is Food Chemical Codex Grade and is OMRI Listed for use in organic production and is registered for use as an anti-caking agent or inert carrier in an amount not to exceed 2% of the total diet. A natural occurring blend of Diatomaceous Earth, skeletal remains of hard shelled fresh water organisms and Calcium Montmorillonite (Calcium Bentonite).

  • Espoma® Organic Traditions™ Bone Meal

    Manufacturer: Espoma Natural Gardening Solutions

    Espoma Bone Meal is an all natural organic source of Nitrogen and Phosphorus. Bone Meal helps develop sturdy root systems and promotes plant growth, and is ideal as a supplement for bulbs, flowers and roses.

  • Happy Frog® Rose Food

    Rose gardeners know that their prize-winning blooms deserve more than an all-purpose fertilizer. Happy Frog® Rose Food is custom blended to deliver optimum nutrition for roses. The benefits of kelp meal and alfalfa meal enable roses to become horticultural beauties. This extraordinary fertilizer will create strong plants, increase the color intensity, and produce prize-winning blooms. 
    Happy Frog® Rose Food is formulated with premium ingredients like bat guano, kelp meal, bone meal, feather meal and other beneficial microbes to help convert fertilizers into vital plant food. Rose Food is granulated and easy to use, and it provides gentle, slow-release feedings in a fertilizer you can apply all season long.
    Garden tip: For new plantings, use 1/2 cup Rose Food for every plant, and mix two parts FoxFarm Original Planting Mix with one part native soil when you plant. On a monthly basis throughout the growing season, apply 1/2 cup for every foot of plant height. To

  • Happy Frog® All-Purpose

    Support healthy growth all season long with our Happy Frog® All-Purpose blend. It’s formulated with premium ingredients like feather meal, fish meal, bat guano, and naturally occurring micronutrients formed when organic matter decomposes. 
    Happy Frog® All-Purpose Fertilizer is a ready-to-use blend of natural fertilizers. Some ingredients allow for instantly available nutrition, while others deliver slow-release nitrogen over time. Highly recommended for vegetable gardens, annual and perennial flower gardens, ornamental plantings, and all types of container gardening.
    Garden tip: All-Purpose is a good general fertilizer to help rejuvenate your garden. Use monthly throughout the growing season. For established plantings, scatter 1/2 cup for every 2 feet of plant height. Lightly scratch into the top inch of soil and water thoroughly.
    For new plantings, try our Jump Start formula, and use our Acid Loving Plants blend for rhododendrons, camellias, a

  • Happy Frog® Tomato and Vegetable

    Before you can bring a great meal to your table, you need to bring a great meal to your garden. Tomatoes, soft fruits, and veggies require a special nutritional mix to ensure high yields. Our Tomato & Vegetable formula contains premium ingredients like bat guano, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, fish meal and naturally occurring organic material that is formed when organic matter decomposes.
    The ratios between nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium will allow the plant to feed vigorously while producing abundant high quality fruit. Happy Frog® Tomato & Vegetable Fertilizer also contains calcium which helps prevent blossom end rot and boosts stronger cell walls, helping plants fight off disease.
    Garden tip: Start applying Tomato & Vegetable as soon as you set out young plants in the spring. Use monthly through harvest time. For established plantings, scatter 1/2 cup for every 2 feet of plant height. Lightly scratch into the top inch of soil and water thoroughly. For es

  • Captan 50W Fungicide

    Manufacturer: Hi-Yield
    A wettable powder fungicide specially formulated to mix easily with water.
    Can also be used in dry form to prevent seed rot and damping off as listed on label.
    Controls fungus diseases on fruits and ornamentals. Excellent to control cedar apple rust on fruit trees.
  • Cyonara™ Lawn & Garden

    Cyonara Lawn & Garden is a broad spectrum 0.5% Lambda-Cyhalothrin product used for the control of spider mites, fleas, aphids, fire ants, chinch bugs and more.
    Product Type: Consumer
    Use Sites: roses, vegetables, outdoors, flowers, flowers, trees, shrubs, lawns, yards
    Effective Against: Mosquitoes, Chinch Bugs, Fleas, Aphids, Fire Ants, Mites
    Active Ingredients: Lambda Cyhalothrin 0.5%

  • Horticultural Hydrated Lime

    Manufacturer: Hi-Yield

    Corrects soil acidity and helps loosen heavy clay soils. Increases soil pH. Can be used to keep down odor and Flies around stables, outhouses, etc. Supplies Calcium to plants and microorganisms.

  • Grub Free Zone III

    Manufacturer: Hi-Yield
    For control of grubs & listed Insects.
    Can be used as a broadcast application on Ornamentals in Residential landscapes.
    Systemic product which is translocated upward within the plant system.
    • Apply Once a Year
    • Treats 7,000 Sq. Ft.
    Application: Consult label for specific insect application rates.
    Please read and follow label directions.
  • Weed & Feed 15-0-10

    Manufacturer: Hi-Yield
    Contains an effective post-emergent broadleaf weed killer in combination with lawn fertilizer.
    Controls Dandelion, Chickweed, Knotweed, Plantain, Henbit, Spurge and many other broadleaf weeds in Centipede, Bahia, Bermuda, Zoysia, Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Bentgrass and Fescue.
    Lawn should be moist before application and product should be watered in 24 hours after application.
  • Medina® Orange Oil

    Medina Orange Oil is a natural and biodegradable product made from the oils extracted from orange peels during a cold press process that preserves the natural strucuture of the oil. Orange Oil has been found to be a key component of various gardening and household applications. Orange Oil has been found to naturally deter some insect pests such as fire ants. Medina Orange Oil is 98% cold pressed orange peel and 2% emulsifier.

  • John’s Recipe™ Liquid Fertilizer 3-1.5-2

    John’s Recipe Liquid Fertilizer is an all-time favorite that has it all! Our formula is designed to get to the roots quickly and promotes healthy microbial activity to support both your plants and soil. John’s Recipe is a blend of both hydrolyzed and emulsified fish, seaweed, molasses, humate, and soil activator. As a liquid concentrate, you may use John’s Recipe with a hose sprayer or with a watering can at the rate of 1 oz. per gallon of water.

  • Bone Meal 0-10-0

    Provides a slow release form of natural Phosphorus to help plant produce sturdy root systems, hastens maturity and stimulates plant growth.

    For use on bulbs, Roses, flowers and shrubs. Excellent for vegetable gardens.
  • Grub Free Zone II

    Other pests controlled (including the larvae of Japanese Beetle, Oriental Beetle, Chafers, Asiatic Garden Beetle, May or June Beetles, and Black Turfgrass Ataenius) and Mole Crickets.
    Also used in landscaped areas containing flowers, ground covers, shrubs and trees. Contains Imidacloprid Season Long Grub Control Use Anytime One Application.
  • Citrus & Pecan Tree Fertilizer 16-8-4

    Citrus & Pecan Tree Fertilizer:
    16% nitrogen promotes vigorous growth.
    3% zinc and 1% iron for better nutrition and production.
    16% sulfur has a soil acidifying effect. A slightly acid soil provides for the maximum availability of phosphorus needed for flower bud formulation and increased fruit and nut production.